Just about anyone can become a volunteer firefighter. You can start by completing an Application for Membership and turning it into the fire chief of the station where you want to volunteer. You may do this during one of your first few visits at one of their upcoming meetings. To find a list of dates and times of meetings, go to the "Departments" link. You will also find contact information for each fire chief. Feel free to contact the chief before the meeting and let the chief know you will be attending their upcoming meeting. After having been accepted by the chief of your local volunteer fire department as a candidate, you will remain a probationary member for 90 days. During the 90 days, a complete criminal history will be obtained and a constant evaluation of your ability to learn, work with the team and conduct yourself in an ethical manner will be conducted. Once you have passed all of these steps with flying colors, you will graduate from your probationary period to firefighter.


  1. Firefighter:
  2. The most vital member of a fire department is a firefighter. Experience is always welcome, but all we require is a heart of giving and a willingness to learn. You will not be placed into danger until you have been adequately trained to handle dangerous situations. Training occurs during monthly training meetings. There are plenty of tasks to be done other than running into burning buildings! Everything from salvage and overhaul of a structure fire to washing a fire engine, firefighters are the workhorse of any department.

    Although it is not required in "all" departments, some departments may require some active firefighters, depending on their job, to attend and complete some of the following classes offered locally through the Mississippi State Fire Academy (MSFA) Extension Services Division.

    • Certified Volunteer Level 1
    • Certified Volunteer Level 2
    • HAZMAT Awareness & Operations
    • Certified Rural Driver/Operator

  3. Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
  4. Medical calls make up a large part of the Lauderdale County Fire Service call volume. Emergency Medical Responders are called out to everything from motor vehicle crashes to assisting someone with difficulty breathing. Emergency Medical Responders are responsible for numerous other tasks like setting up landing zones for air ambulances, operating extrication tools at a wreck and assisting an EMS crew in the back of an ambulance. To participate in this program you must become an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) through Lauderdale County Fire Service and Metro Ambulance. To find out when classes are being offered, contact the Lauderdale County Fire Coordinator, Allan Dover, at 601-482-9856.

Application for Membership to become a Volunteer Firefighter:

CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version of the application.